Solution: Sustainable Seafood

What is Sustainable seafood?

Seafood that is either caught or farmed from sources that can maintain production for the future generations without disrupting the ecosystem which it was acquired.

Why should you choose sustainable seafood? 

The lack of information on how the fish are caught, how they breed and their natural habitats can lead to numerous issues affecting sustainability and health.

Your choice plays a huge role in sustaining fish populations for now and the future. You are also protecting marine habitats such as coral reefs and therefore, Australia’s precious marine biodiversity. A shift towards sustainable seafood fosters long-term vitality of fish, the well being of oceans and of fisheries-dependent communities.

Consumer choice can change fishing practices, influence government policies, and help to ensure that fish are harvested sustainably for future generations.

How to choose seafood sustainably? 

  1. Better Seafood Choices


Download Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide 

2. Simply by asking “Do you serve sustainable seafood?”

Along with the importance of traceability of the source, below is a guideline for restaurants keeping live fish and shellfish, it shows the appropriate temperature and safety requirements to manage the fish. By encouraging them to be knowledgable and follow regulations, this can ensure the sustainability of fish.


3. Checking packaging of seafood for Labels and Logos

One of the best indicators would be looking for the MSC – Marine Stewardship Council logo on the package. Additionally, paying attention to the labelling for country of origin, farm-raised or wild-caught, and even the fishing/harvesting methods would be ideal.

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